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28 January 2021
Virtual - from Graz to the world, Austria
Health Tech Hub Styria Pitch & Partner 2021

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hosted by Human.technology Styria 

Human Technology Cluster attracts international start-ups to Graz

The Corporate Call of the Styrian Human Technology Cluster HTS used the appeal of Styria's leading companies to draw the attention of international start-ups to the HeathTech location. As a result, the cluster was able to present its innovative solutions to the public. More than 100 start-ups attended the HTH event and 7 companies were given the opportunity to present their innovative solutions to the public at the live event. Four companies were selected as Innovation Award winners of this years Corporate Call.

Four leading Styrian companies in the field of healthcare management have been looking for solutions to their constantly growing challenges within the international call. The ideas of companies from 15 countries met with much response at G.L. Pharma, Stoelzle Glass Group, the Geriatric Health Centers of the City of Graz & nowa as well as the Elisabethinen Hospital. For instance, the Geriatric Health Centers of the City of Graz (GGZ) & the nowa association will be developing new solutions for the intelligent care and mobilization of elderly people in cooperation with the Hamburg-based start-up RetroBrain R&D, which focuses on therapeutic games, and the spanish Start-up Darwin Biomedical from Navarra, which specializes in sensor-based walking aids, as part of the EU project I-CARE-SMART. "Immediately after the event, we have already started the first talks with our two Innovation Award winners from Germany and Spain and hope to welcome them - as soon as time allows - to our site in Graz", says the project managers Kerstin Löffler from GGZ and Valentina Pettinger from nowa. In a co-creation process together with both the companies and senior citizens, the aim is to work on the ongoing development of the products in order to enable senior citizens to lead a self-determined, physically and mentally active life in their home environment.

The Elisabethinen Hospital plans to upgrade its tools in terms of communication during medical crises with the Innovation Award winner of their call: the German start-up from Erlangen Allm EMEA has developed an innovative messenger service for healthcare institutions, which will now be precisely tailored to the requirements of the hospital in Graz. "We were very surprised to see how many Styrian and international start-ups submitted perfectly customized approaches to current challenges in the healthcare sector to us during the Corporate Call. These ideas can make a significant contribution to patient safety in our hospitals," says Michael Weldi, Head of the Patient Safety, Quality and Risk Management Unit at the Elisabethinen Hospital Graz. Talks are also in progress with HAIDi, a start-up from the Czech Republic developing a special software solution for the management of hospital-acquired infections, on how implementation might be possible.

The pharmaceutical company G.L. Pharma benefited from innovative solution ideas for example from the Know-Center (Graz) or IBC – Integrative BioComputing (France) for the development of personalized active ingredient compounds, which they intend to promote more intensively. "In addition to the exciting solution proposals for our issue, the Corporate Call has significantly strengthened the awareness we have for the potential of highly talented start-ups, particularly in the region of Graz," says Michael Bartenstein from the Styrian pharmaceutical company. The Stoelzle Glass Group, as a market leader in glass production for the pharmaceutical industry, also gained a Graz-based start-up with Russian roots „With our purposely wide-ranging topic of Intelligent bottles, we were aiming to attract start-ups with different new technologies and solutions. With our innovation awardee GARNET we found a company that offers a novel tagging technology with superior data storage capacity and resistance.” says Niklas Zwettler, head of R&D at the innovative glass manufacturer.

The Corporate Call was launched by the Styrian Human Technology Cluster in 2020 and held for the second time this year aiming to connect leading companies in the region looking for innovative solutions with the best possible partners from Austria and all over Europe. "Our goal is to strengthen the European network and, simultaneously, the innovative power of the region as well as the leading companies," says Managing Director of the Human Technology Cluster Johann Harer. "In the previous year, we already successfully matched the sensor company ams AG, the energy provider Energie Steiermark and the private hospital operator SANLAS Holding with innovative partners from all over Europe," adds Lorenz Neuhäuser, Business Developer of the Human Technology Cluster and initiator of the Corporate Call.

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