27 Jan 2020 - 28 Jan 2020 | Graz, Austria
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27 Jan 2020 - 28 Jan 2020
Graz, Austria
HTH Styria Pitch & Partner 2020

Research Project Pitching

hosted by Medical University of Graz

Researchers and companies present their research/business fields to identify new collaboration partners.

This session offers researchers the possibility to present their latest research findings to an audience of investors, industry partners and fellow researchers. It is a unique opportunity to identify new collaboration or investment partners and receive input on how to translate your research results into applicable products in a relevant market.

  Time   Speaker  Organisation  Title  No.
 15:15Ján TkáčGlycanostics Ltd.Glycan analysis for accurate prostate cancer diagnosticsP01
 15:22Dr. Peter HaugOncgnostics GmbHProprietary Epigenetic Marker Panels as basis for robust and reliable Cancer DiagnosticsP02
 15:29Johannes BienerVIFFFFNew Type of Functional Food for Diabetes I and Diabetes II PatientsP03
 15:36Marko VincekovićMAKABI AGRITECH d.o.o.Small microcapsules for big/healthy plants and functional foodP04
 15:43Fatimah ShokoyaTruvivaTruviva - an innovative approach to fertility careP05
 15:50Robert EmprechtingerState of HealthARDACS: Adaptive Research Documentation and Controlling System (an electronic health record system that provides the medical staff with evidence based recommendation as well as information on the treatment of similar patients)P06
 15:57Simon LinSymptoma GmbHSymptoma – search engine for diseasesP07
 16:04Richard KissMedipredict kft.Multi-OMICS approach in complex health assessmentP08
 16:11Simon WerbaDigniSensWe facilite the handling of incontinence, fall and decubitus - with a smart sensoric systemP09
 16:18Neic AurelNumeriCor GmbHOptimizing shock efficiency of Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators using in-silico experiments.P10
 16:25Martin HollerUniversity of GrazMathematical modeling and optimization for biomedical imaging and data science.P11
 16:32Alexey TatarinovRiga Technical UniversityUltrasonic Bone ScannerP12
 16:39Martin TrinkerAustrian Centre of Industrial BiotechnologyAustrian Centre of Industrial BiotechnologyP13
 16:46Emmanouil AgrafiotisInstitute of Biomechanics, TU Graz GrazBlood pressure simulator for laboratory / OR-applications, implant testing and training purposes.P14


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Graz, Austria

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