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28 January 2021
Virtual - from Graz to the world, Austria
Health Tech Hub Styria Pitch & Partner 2021

Find your perfect partner for #HorizonEU Cluster “Health” project!

  • Are you planning to join a Horizon Europe project in the Health Cluster in 2021?
  • Do you want to build a competitive consortium?
  • Would you like to meet potential partners for future collaborations?
Health Tech Hub Styria 2021 is the first B2B event that offers a dedicated partner search for the forthcoming Horizon Europe calls in the newly developed Cluster “Health” – the perfect opportunity to find project partners now!

Use this opportunity by participating in the B2B meetings at Health Tech Hub Styria 2021!

To find and be found: When registering choose the topic(s) most relevant for you from the 2021 Horizon Europe Health Cluster calls that we have prepared for you in the “Marketplace” section.

Please enter your topic of interest at 

Marketplace opportunities -> Project cooperation -> Calls:

Call - Staying healthy (2021):

HORIZON-HLTH-STAYHLTH-2021-01-01: Prevention of obesity through the life course

HORIZON-HLTH-STAYHLTH-2021-01-02: Towards a molecular and neurological understanding of mental health and mental illness for the benefit of citizens and patients

HORIZON-HLTH-STAYHLTH-2021-01-03: Supporting digital empowerment and health literacy

HORIZON-HLTH-STAYHLTH-2021-01-04: A roadmap for personalised prevention

Call – Environment and health (2021)

HORIZON-HLTH-ENVHLTH-2021-02-01: Health risks related to exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF)

HORIZON-HLTH-ENVHLTH-2021-02-02: Indoor air quality and health

HORIZON-HLTH-ENVHLTH-2021-02-03: Health impacts of climate change, costs and benefits of action and non-action

Call – Partnerships in Health (2021)

HORIZON-HLTH-ENVHLTH-2021-03-01: European Partnership on Assessment of Risk of Chemicals (PARC)

Call – Tackling diseases (2021)

HORIZON-HLTH-DISEASE-2021-04-01: Comparative effectiveness research for healthcare interventions in areas of high public health need

HORIZON-HLTH-DISEASE-2021-04-02: Building a European innovation platform for the repurposing of medicinal products

HORIZON-HLTH-DISEASE-2021-04-03: Clinical development of health technologies relevant in sub-Saharan Africa

HORIZON-HLTH-DISEASE-2021-04-04: Advancing innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based solutions for treatment

HORIZON-HLTH-DISEASE-2021-04-05: One Health AMR

HORIZON-HLTH-DISEASE-2021-04-06: EU Wide Clinical Trials Network - public health emergencies

Call – Ensuring access to innovative, sustainable and high-quality health care (2021)

HORIZON-HLTH-CARE-2021-05-01: Enhancing quality of care and patient safety

HORIZON-HLTH-CARE-2021-05-02: Data-driven decision-support tools for better health and care delivery and policy-making

HORIZON-HLTH-CARE-2021-05-03: Personalised medicine and infectious diseases: understanding the individual host response to viruses (e.g., SARS-CoV-2)

HORIZON-HLTH-CARE-2021-05-04: Health and Care procurement innovation network

Call – Tools and technologies for a healthy society (2021)

HORIZON-HLTH-TOOL-2021-06-01: Smart medical devices and their surgical implantation for use in resource-constrained settings

HORIZON-HLTH-TOOL-2021-06-02: Next generation advanced therapies to treat prevalent and high burden diseases with unmet needs

HORIZON-HLTH-TOOL-2021-06-03: Innovative tools for use and re-use of health data (in particular electronic health records and/or patient registries)

Call – A competitive health-related industry (2021)

HORIZON-HLTH-IND-2021-07-01: Green pharmaceuticals

HORIZON-HLTH-IND-2021-07-02: New payment models for cost-effective and affordable health innovations/new models of pricing

HORIZON-HLTH-IND-2021-07-03: Uptake of Technical specifications for “Quality and Reliability of Health and Wellness Apps” – promoting a trusted 'mhealth label' in Europe


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