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27 January 2022 - 28 January 2022
Health Tech Hub Styria Pitch & Partner 2022

Choose one of the Workshops on 28 January 2022, 9-10:30 a.m. CET

* Managing your intellectual property in the medical device sector: a Latin America-Europe comparison for EU SMEs

What you can expect: 

-Services provided by EU initiatives that support SMEs in the region
-Indications on when and how is Intellectual Property relevant to your business
-Main steps and particularities to protect your trademarks, inventions and creations locally
-Updated information on the registration proceedings
-Various case studies involving EU SMEs experiencing and overcoming issues with IP protection in the region
-Tips to succeed abroad
-Tailor-made assistance to your queries

Speaker: Giovanna Girardi, IP expert from Latin America IP SME Helpdesk

* Funding opportunities for Health in Horizon Europe: Cluster Health - Mission Cancer - Innovative Health Initiative

Health research is a key priority on European level. In this workshop, current funding opportunities on European level will be presented, focusing on the “Horizon Europe” funding programme. This will include updates on current calls in the “Cluster Health”, the “Mission Cancer” and the new public-private partnership “Innovative Health Initiative”, and extensive time for discussion and questions.

Speakers from the National Contact Point for Health in Horizon Europe: 

Astrid HoebertzInes Haberl
Presentation file:
Presentation file:
Haberl_Innovative Health Initiative.pdf

* DIGI-B-CUBE: Innovation challenges in medical diagnostics and how SMEs solve them

“DIGI-B-CUBE” is an EU-funded project implemented by 8 European partners. In 2020 and 2021, calls for cooperative projects from IT and health were launched with the aim of supporting the most valuable approaches to solve challenges especially in the fields of biosensing, bioimaging and biobanking. Out of 400+ applications, the 33 most promising ideas born by 81 SMEs were selected for funding.

This online-session will show how clusters can use cascade funding to support SME innovation and vice versa how SMEs can use cascade funding to move on with their ideas.


Check-In: DIGI-B-CUBE project and benefits of cascade funding for clusters and SMEs

Ms. Carina Schachinger

Business Upper Austria (AT)


Pitch 1: E-Cast

Mr. Daniele Evangelista

FlexSight s.r.l.(IT)


Pitch 2: DIPAP

Ms. Lorena Sánchez

Making Genetics (ES)


Pitch 3: DiCART

Mr. Thierry Bouet

DicarTech SAS (FR)


Pitch 4: Digital Patient Pathways

Ms. Sonia Neary

Wellola (IE)


Pitch 5: MEDDICC

Ms. Varsha Thakoersing



Check-Out: Wrap-up and exchange of contacts

Ms. Carina Schachinger

Business Upper Austria (AT)

Get to know the EU project in advance by browsing https://digibcube.eu/ and grab the opportunity to meet pioneering SMEs directly in the session!

Carina Schachinger

* How to survive regulatory challenges as a MedTech startup

Special regulatory considerations for medical device start-ups and practical approaches to overcome them – even with small teams

Since May 2021, the new medical device regulation (2017 / 745 MDR) was enforced within the European Union. New and intensified existing requirements pose an additional burden for medical device companies, but especially Startups struggle to comply with the regulation. During this workshop, critical elements of MDR are identified that create bottlenecks and special challenges for founders, and solution approaches are presented to overcome the obstacles.

09:00 Start and Introduction 

09:05 What to check before writing the first regulatory document (Preparational Phase)

09:30 Tips and Hacks to improve the speed and quality of development and documentation (Development Phase)

10:00 Preparing for market entry and surviving the first months and years (Market Phase)

10:20 Summary

10:25 Q&A

Speaker: Tibor Zajki-Zechmeister, Entrepreneur & Startup Advisor

The EIT Health Network - Presenting the New Regional EIT Health Austria Innovation Hub

Join the speakers Selma Mautner (MedUni Graz) and Daniel Pressl (WILD Group) in this workshop for a constructive discussion on how the EIT Health Network and the EIT Health Austria Innovation Hub, which was newly established in Vienna on 01.01.2022, can promote Austrian healthcare innovation for the European healthcare system.

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) strengthens Europe's capacity for innovation through regionally anchored networks of business, research and education. The EIT Health Network is one of eight EIT networks in total and the largest pan-European health network in the field of health and prevention. The WILD Group, a member of the EIT Health Network since 2020, and the Medical University of Graz, a new member since 2022, will present the EIT Health Network and its opportunities from different perspectives in this workshop.

Speakers: Daniel Pressl, WILD Group 
Selma Mautner, Medical University Graz  


* The potential of healthcare data beyond GDPR

Access to healthcare data is the bottleneck for innovation in both research and industry. In this workshop, we want to take the next step beyond GDPR and discuss the potential data generated in hospitals and clinics have, when we use them! Not only in an academic setup but also in cooperation with industrial partners. Koen Verhoef, head of the TTO of t

he Netherlands Cancer Institute will give us insights on his experience in commercialisation of data. And together with our Finnish speaker Hannu Hämäläinen from The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra we will address the following questions:

• What best described the national approach in making healthcare data available for research and commercial use?

• How can researchers access data from the national health registers?

• Are shared data access programs for industry, start-up, providers or payers locally in place or planned to be implemented in the midterm future? If yes, how are the processes governed, also in respect of data privacy?

• What kind of cooperations on the data access model(s) for aspirational healthcare solutions are already in place beyond your national boundaries, i.e, within the EU and/ or international markets (incl. academic institutions)?


Koen Verhoef, TTO of the Netherlands Cancer Institute

Hannu Hämäläinen, Senior Adviser at the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

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